The Anna’s Pizzeria Story

Our Inspiration
Although Anna’s Pizzeria was established in 1986, our story begins many, many years ago when owner, Yury Rojas, was just a toddler. His Aunt Anna, who was orginally from Italy, helped Yury’s family move to America.

Aunt Anna was very involved with and instilled many values in the close-knit family – like the art of cooking, the importance of the family meal and the meaning of hard work. She was always an anchor of support in Yury’s and his family’s life.

To honor his inpiration, Yury named his restaurant “Anna’s Pizzeria”, a place where Aunt Anna’s legacy lives on with delicious Italian food served with genuine, warm hospitality. In fact, many of Aunt Anna’s recipes – as well as other family recipes that have been passed down for generations – are enjoyed by all at Anna’s Pizzeria.

Our goal is to deliver a delightful dining experience by serving fresh, delicious meals and treating each guest like a family member in our home. We invite you to join us soon at our family table!